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Event Planning at Doane

The Role of Event Services

The Event Services department is the clearinghouse for events held on Doane University's Crete, and Lincoln campuses, and our Omaha location. The department manages the scheduling of internal and external (third-party) events, prioritizing Doane's institutional events and activities. Event Services work closely with campus partners including the Public Safety Office, Custodial Services, Sodexo, and IT to coordinate resources that support events on campus. If you are planning a new event or making major changes to an existing event, it is best practice to include Event Services early in the planning process to work out any potential space or resource conflicts. Event Services serve on many event committees across campus to advise and serve as a sounding board.

Reserving Event Space and Resources

A variety of meeting and event spaces are available to the college community for meetings and events. In addition, space can be rented to third-party (external) groups for a fee. These spaces include Perry Campus Center meeting and dining spaces, classrooms, conference rooms, Heckman Auditorium, some athletic spaces, and campus grounds.

Event requestors should use the appropriate form below to reserve event space and request setup needs, audiovisual support, and other campus resources for their meeting or event. To ensure the availability of desired space and delivery of resources needed to support your event, fill out this form at least two weeks prior for regular events and a minimum of 60 days in advance for major events. If you cancel an event, please let the Event Services office know immediately.

Reservation Request Deadlines: 

MAJOR ENTERTAINMENT/EVENT 75 days prior to event

  • Any event that occurs in a major venue (Heckman, Conservatory, Ed/Art 236-242, Fuhrer or Haddix Arenas, etc) and has a contracted performer, speaker, dance/arts, competitions, concert, alcohol, inflatables, etc.
  • Over 100 people in attendance, minors as participants, ticket sales, or dance/arts
  • Special setup/production support (for lights, sound, power, video, etc) needed

 COMPLEX/INTERMEDIATE EVENT 45 days prior to event

  • Any event that occurs in a major venue and has performer, speaker, alcohol, inflatables, or special set up needs.
  • 50-100 people in attendance
  • Special setup/production support (for lights, sound, power, video, etc) needed

 STANDARD EVENT 14 days prior to event

  • Any event that does not require additional support or a complex setup
  • 50 or less people in attendance.
  • Space and resource reservations (tables, chairs, podium, etc).
  • Set up and operation of audio visual equipment as well as sound checks.
  • Ensure doors are unlocked and parking is reserved.
  • Catering needs.


  • 24 hours in advance minimum, but 48 hours is preferred if special setup (tech, tables, etc) is needed
  • 2 hour notice if no special setup is needed and can use room as is.

Student-Run Events

Click this link for special instructions for Student-Run Events.

Employee-Run Events

Faculty and staff should complete the reservation form below to reserve space and resources for meetings and events. A Doane employee will receive the submitted form and then add it to the reservation system for Event Services approval. These departments have at least one staff member who has access to the reservation system: academic affairs, advancement, athletics, business office, DEI, enrollment, faculty office, performing arts, president's office, and student affairs. For more information on workflow and who has access to the reservation system, please contact Event Services. Reservation requests for the Lincoln or Omaha campuses should be run through Event Services who will work with the respective campus director to reserve space.

Employee-Run Event Request Form

Third-Party/External Events

Doane employees, students, alumni, and the greater community may rent space at Doane to hold a third-party/external event. Fill out the short request form below, and the Event Services Event & Conference Coordinator will contact you. Follow this link for additional information on third-party events

External Event Request Form

Helpful Links

Event Services Office Hours

Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Martin Building

(402) 826-6739

[email protected]