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F-1 Transfer Report Form

Transfer Report for F-1 Students

Instruction to Applicant (PLEASE PRINT): Please complete the following items, then submit this form to the International Student Advisor at your current school.

Name: ____________________________________________________________ Date: ______________

SEVIS ID #__________________________Social Security Number: _____________________________

Country of Birth: _______________________________ Citizenship: ____________________________

In accordance to the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, P.I. 93-380 Section 438 (a) (1) (B) and Subtitle a. section 99-11 and 99.12 I DO _____ or DO NOT ____ waive my right of access to and review of this document.

Please release the requested information to the International Programs Director at Doane University.

Signature of Applicant: ______________________________________________ Date: _____________

TO BE COMPLETED BY THE CURRENT SCHOOL: Please sent to the International Student Advisor.

The student named above has applied for admission to Doane University. Before we issue an I-20, we need the following information. We would appreciate you answering the questions and returning the report to our office.

1. Is the above named student currently in F-1 status at your school? ______________________
2. How long was the student at your institution? _____________________ Date of entry? ______
3. What was the student's last date of attendance at your institution? _____________________
4. Has the student fulfilled all of his/her financial obligations? _____________________________
5. Has the student maintained full-time status and reasonable academic progress? _________
6. Do you recommend this student for transfer? __________________________________________
7. Are there any special circumstances regarding this student's status? _____________________

If so, please explain on the back of this form.

8. Admission number (if known) _________________________________________________________
9. SEVIS ID # (if known) ________________________________________________________________






Printed Name of Advisor



Signature of Advisor



Name of Institution






Complete Address of Institution



Fax number of Institution


Please return this form by fax and mail to:

SEVIS Compliance Officer, Office of International Programs, Doane University, 1014 Boswell Avenue, Crete, NE 68333 USA

Ph: 402.826.8215 Fax: 402.826.8592