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Dual Degree

What if you could begin your studies in America at a small, supportive campus that cares about your success and does everything it can to prepare you for your future career? What if you could take what you learned at that small college and bring it all with you to one of America’s top-rated Universities, ready to welcome you with open arms?

You can at Doane.

Doane University’s Elite Dual Degree Program is available to first-year Chinese/Taiwanese students who enroll at Doane's Crete campus and meet the program's minimum requirements. Qualified students are admitted to a Doane four-year degree program and pursue a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Engineering Physics, Physics, or Environmental Science. The universities listed below have collaborative agreements with Doane. Ultimately, students admitted to the universities below have an opportunity to earn two bachelor’s degrees, one from Doane and another from the chosen top university.

Doane’s partnering institutions include Columbia University and Washington University in St. Louis.

Expectations of your three years at Doane:

  • Prepare students for excellence after graduation with our nationally recognized liberal arts and sciences education.
  • Prepare students with personalized, world-class education, finely designed curriculum, and the skills necessary for success at the premier university in the following two years.
  • Provide students with academic advisers and support services on a safe campus.
  • Award the student a bachelor’s degree upon completion of their two-year studies at their selected school when their 30 credits are transferred back to Doane.

Expectations from Doane for all students:

  • Enter their first semester ready to begin the dual degree plan curriculum.
  • Remain in good academic standing, which requires being at or above a minimum grade point average (GPA) correlated with credits attempted.
  • Demonstrate proficiency with the English language.
  • Complete Doane’s coursework - 90 required credits.
  • Meet the specific standards required by the University of their choice.
  • Choose from Doane’s partner institutions or attend an ABET accredited college to complete their last year years of studies and earn the chosen degree.

Doane Program Requirements:

The Elite Dual Degree Program is available to first-year students who enroll at Doane’s Crete campus and meet the program’s minimum requirements.

Doane can guarantee students’ admission to the chosen partnered top university if students meet the following requirements:

Doane Performance Columbia Washington
Overall GPA 3.4 3.3
Math & Science GPA 3.4 3.3
One Recommendation Letter Each Program Director    


Math Professor

Science Professor

Program Director
English ENG 101 B    


or IELTS 7.0

or IBT 100

ENG 101 C

*Admission requirements are subject to the policy change of the chosen university.

Enrollment Criteria & Requirements:

International students entering the Elite Dual Degree Program should have moderately higher English Proficiency scores and achieve minimum high school performance for best chance of successful academic performance. Other enrollment criteria and requirements remain standard.

Recommended English Proficiency:

  • IBT: Overall score of 75+ (L and R 16+, W 15+, S 13+)
  • IELTS: 6.0+
  • ACT: English 23+
  • SAT: (Verbal) 520+
  • Or study English at recommended language school.

High School Performance (last 3 years):

78 out of 100

Reaching the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee that a student will be admitted to the Elite Dual Degree Program. All applicants are required to have a telephone/online/face-to-face interview. This is a competitive admission program.

Enrollment Deposit:

The Elite Dual Degree program requires an enrollment deposit equivalent to 25% ($7,040 in Fall 2015) of tuition.

Tuition & Costs

2017-18 Cost of Attendance for Crete Campus (subject to change):
Annual Tuition & General Fees: $33,800 - DUE to DOANE
Tuition: 33,000
General Fees: $800
Annual Room & Board: $9,400 - DUE to DOANE
Basic Room: $4,500 (assumes standard double room agreement)
Basic Board: $4,900 (assumes standard Platinum meal plan)
Annual Elite Dual Degree Program Fee: $4,000 - Doane's Elite Dual Degree Program has a required program fee of $4,000 for international students. Due to DOANE
Estimated Books: $1,000 - Paid by the student.
Annual Estimated Living Expenses: $5,000
Personal: $1,750
Estimated Transportation: $3,000
Estimated Insurance: $250 - Estimated cost and required but not billed by Doane. Every student must have insurance.