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Drone or Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Policy

Last Revised: December 21, 2015

Although Doane University respects the rights of recreational Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) owners to utilize these devices on personally owned property, we have an obligation to enforce policy on our property where it may become a safety or privacy issue.  Doane supports all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements and law regarding UAS use (Link) For these reasons we have developed a UAS policy to govern the usage of such systems at all Doane University campuses.    Below are the procedures for ensure the usage of UAS systems on college property if communicated and conducted in a manner that is respectful to the ensure community.

Consequence for misuse or violation of policy
The College reserved the right to deny the use of any items on our property.  Consequence for misuse or policy violations can range from restrictions of the equipment to personal restrictions from campus.  Violation of privacy reports or the use of equipment to cause injury or harm to others may result in college sanctions, immediate removal from campus or a report to local law enforcement. 

Operational Limitations (What type of UAS can I operate on Doane Property)
The College requires limitations for operating UAS on Doane property.  This is to ensure safe operation, avoid injuries and ensure a respect for privacy.  The following basic guidelines are required for the use of UAS on campus:

  • Only Doane employees, students or prior approved partners (such as contracted providers) may operate UAS on college property
  • Small (Recreational) UAS are the only authorized aircraft allowed on campus (Must weigh less than 55lbs)
  • UAS or Drone must be registered in accordance with FAA policy (Link)
  • A copy of your FAA registration must be on file with the Doane Safety Office.  Please email a copy to [email protected] 
  • Aircraft must remain in visual line of sight of operator at all times unaided by any device other than glasses
  • Small UAS may not operate over any person not directly involved in the operation
  • Daylight-only operations
  • Max speed 50 MPH
  • Max altitude 400 Ft
  • No operations in Class A airspace
  • One operator may only operate one UAS at a time
  • No careless or reckless operations
  • Operators of UAS must be physically and mentally capable of using the aircraft to ensure safe operation
  • Pre-flight inspection is required prior to use

Restricted Recreational UAS usage - CRETE CAMUS: (Map Link)
The college has identified several locations on campus where the device and usage is restricted due to safety considerations for the campus community. Please contact the Doane Safety Office at [email protected] for questions related to Doane Lincoln and Omaha.

Registered Recreational UAS usage - CRETE CAMPUS: (Map Link)
The college has identified several locations on campus where UAS can be utilized with proper notification to the college. These are areas outside of residential and academic locations and do not have the same privacy or immediate safety concerns.  Keep in mind that at any time, UAS users are responsible and liable for any damages to college property or injury they cause to self or others are a result of their personal use of the equipment.  Also, if other events are taking place (e.g. cross country meets, campus events, or use of the area by students for recreation events) the devices may not be used.  The college will take action against anyone who uses the equipment in an unsafe or disruptive manner regardless of the location of use on our property. Please contact the Doane Safety Office at [email protected] for questions related to Doane Lincoln and Omaha.

The following information must be emailed to the Doane Safety Office at least 24 business hours prior to requested usage:

  •          FAA Registration Document 
  •          Device Type (Make/Model)
  •          Date of use
  •          Time of Use
  •          Location (use map)
  •          Purpose of use

Nonrecreational Use
To comply with FAA requirements, the use of Drones or UAS for nonrecreational use (business or educational) can only be approved by obtaining a FAA 333 exemption or Certificate of Waiver.  Please contact the Doane Safety Office at (402)826-8295 for more details.

Reporting Issues or Incidents
Approved users of UAS equipment on Doane property are responsible for the immediate reporting of accident of injuries incurred during usage which includes that of the owner.  Failure to do so may result in the immediate removal of the device from campus and future restrictions on usage.  Please report any issues to the Doane Safety Office by calling (402)826-8669.

FAA Information: