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Emergency Contacts

Doane University is dedicated to the safety and security of all community members.  Within this site you will find information on the college emergency procedures and contact information.  Please remember that all community members play a role in our safety and emergency policies.  Proactive "personal safety practices" are the best defense to avoid or mitigate the effects of emergency situations.  The Safety Office asks that all community members play an active role in making safe personal decisions and promptly reporting all safety and security issues on campus. 

All Doane community members are encouraged to report all crimes or suspicious activity immediately. The Doane University Safety Office can be reached 24/7 during the academic year (open hours). The University encourages the involvement of local authorities in all violations of law.

Use this guide if you question who to call first:
1. 911 - All "in-progress emergencies." Fire, crimes that are happening now, and medical emergencies.
2. Doane Safety Office - Assistance with any safety or security-related issues on campus. Report taking, documentation, suspicious activity, belated crimes, parking, questions, and programming.
3. Residence Life Office - Issues specific to residential students.
4. Facilities Services (Maintenance) - Issues related to maintenance or custodians

Important Contact Information:
Police and Fire:  911 or 9-911 (on campus)
                             (402)826-4311 (non-emergency)
Safety Office: (402)826-8669 or 9-8669 (on campus)
               Email: [email protected]
               Location:  Lower Level in the Communications Building
Residence Life: (402)826-8111 or 9-8111 (on campus)
Health and Wellness Office:  (402)826-8265 or 9-8265 (on campus)
Facilities Services:  (402)826-8653 or 9-8653 (on campus)