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Residence Halls

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Office of Student Affairs
(402) 826-8111

Safety Office
(402) 826-8669

Residence Life Email
[email protected]


Residence Life Emergency Lines

Southside: Hansen, Sheldon, Frees (402) 826-8475
Northside: Smith, New Hall (402) 826-8301

These numbers reach our emergency-line cell phones, meaning we cannot provide administrative support when called at these numbers.

Important Dates

For important dates to know about housing and residence halls, view our Crete Academic Calendar.

Housing Accommodations

Any housing accommodations (medical singles, emotional support animals, etc.) must go through the ADA Coordinator and require documentation and approval. Please contact Gwendolyn Lopez- [email protected]

Important Forms

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Our residence halls offer the familiar comforts of home, allowing students to easily form relationships, stay involved, and immerse themselves in the traditional college experience.
All residence halls are traditional-style, except New Hall & Hansen Hall (suite-style).

To report an issue in your room or building, please fill out the Work Order form on your eRezLife account. If you have a serious or urgent situation, please contact 911 or our on-call numbers. Facilities provide 24/7 emergency maintenance services.

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Mailbox numbers are handed out by the Service Bureau and you can pick up your key during move-in day.

Frees Hall


Frees Hall- a timeless tribute to the legacy of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Frees. This residence, completed in 1931, emanates a warm and inviting ambiance, serving as a tranquil retreat from the college hustle. Designed by the renowned Dean and Dean Architects, Frees Hall mirrors the elegance of Smith Hall and was originally constructed as a women's residence, accommodating 185 students.

Steeped in history, Frees Hall pays homage to its benefactors' "generous interest in Christian education in Nebraska." Today, it stands proudly as a coed residence, having undergone a transformative 2009 renovation project. This endeavor not only preserved the historic charm but also introduced modern amenities, including air conditioning, remodeled bedrooms and living spaces, a game lounge, a theater area, and outdoor gathering spaces.

Frees Hall has evolved into a community hub where students effortlessly blend study and socializing. The tiered indoor theatre sets the stage for Friday night movies, an outdoor grill beckons friends for home games, and the game room, complete with a pool table, offers the perfect study break sanctuary.

Relish in the convenience of amenities like a vending machine, free laundry facilities, and the presence of live-in ResLife staff members, ensuring a supportive living environment. Each room in Frees is a haven of comfort, furnished with a twin XL bed and mattress, a microfridge/freezer/microwave combo, closet, window shades, a desk with a chair, dressers, tiled flooring, trash can and recycling bin, and lofting equipment for personalized living spaces.

As Frees Hall seamlessly combines tradition with modernity, it stands not just an upperclassmen residence but as a cherished landmark where every detail reflects a commitment to the well-being and community spirit of its residents. 

Sheldon Hall


Sheldon Hall- where every corner is alive with the vibrant energy of connection and community. This dynamic first year student co-ed residence, situated east of Frees Hall, not only provides students with a place to call home but also serves as a hub for forging friendships, making lasting connections, and staying engaged throughout the college journey.

Named in honor of Margaret Thompson Sheldon, a trailblazer and the first woman on Doane University’s Board of Trustees, this three-story residence has been a cornerstone of student life since its opening in 1970. Originally known as "the new dorm," Sheldon Hall transformed into a revered institution in 1978, commemorating the impactful legacy of Margaret Thompson Sheldon, class of 1886, who dedicated 21 years to the college as the first Dean of Women and a professor of English.

In 2010, a thoughtful renovation project elevated Sheldon Hall to new heights, enhancing living spaces and introducing an inviting exterior gathering area complete with a fireplace, lounges, a classroom, and a music studio. This space is not just a residence; it's a thriving community center where residents can indulge in the music studio, unwind in the TV lounge, or connect in the classroom.

Discover a haven of convenience with amenities like a vending machine, free laundry facilities, and the comforting presence of live-in ResLife staff members. Each room in Sheldon is designed to be a personalized sanctuary, featuring a twin XL bed and mattress, a microfridge/freezer/microwave combo, closet, window shades, a desk with a chair, dressers, tiled flooring, trash can and recycling bin, and lofting equipment for versatile living arrangements.

Sheldon Hall is not just a place to stay; it's a celebration of legacy, a testament to progress, and a thriving community where every detail is designed to enhance the college living experience

Smith Hall



Smith Hall- the epitome of serenity and comfort for first year students seeking a haven of rest and relaxation. This distinctive four-story residence transcends the ordinary, offering a gaming room equipped with multiple consoles and TVs, a lounge area, and an outdoor courtyard featuring a grill and fireplace—a retreat tailored to cater to the diverse interests of our discerning residents.

Formerly known as Men's Hall, Smith Hall underwent a transformative renaissance in 1977 when it was renamed to honor Charles C. Smith, a visionary alumnus, class of 1887, trustee, and generous benefactor of the college. Smith's substantial, then-anonymous gift in 1929 ensured the construction of Men's Hall, and the renaming in 1977 was a public acknowledgment of his invaluable contribution.

In 2011, Smith Hall embraced modernity with a comprehensive renovation project that not only added a fourth floor to this landmark building but also introduced a host of enhancements. Revel in the newly added lounge area, gaming room, kitchen, computer lab with printing access, and an outdoor courtyard, replete with a fireplace and grill—transforming Smith Hall into a contemporary co-ed residence that balances tradition with innovation.

Embrace the convenience of amenities such as a vending machine, free laundry facilities, and the reassuring presence of live-in ResLife staff members. Step into your personalized sanctuary within Smith Hall, where each room is furnished with a twin XL bed and mattress, a microfridge/freezer/microwave combo, closet, window shades, a desk with a chair, dressers, tiled flooring, trash can and recycling bin, and lofting equipment for a flexible living space.

Smith Hall isn't just a residence; it's an invitation to experience the perfect blend of history and modern comfort

Hansen Leadership Hall



Step into the realm of excellence at Hansen Leadership Hall, the distinguished residence that proudly houses our Leadership and Honors Students. Nestled within its inviting suite-style spaces, this hall redefines comfort, providing an expansive haven where students can seamlessly transition between focused study sessions and well-deserved relaxation.

The spacious lobby of Hansen Hall is more than just an entrance; it's a vibrant hub of activity where students come together to mingle, play the piano, indulge in board games, or unwind with a bit of television once the books are closed. The very essence of this hall is an ode to communal living, fostering an environment where both academic pursuits and social connections flourish.

Named in honor of the late Zenon C.R. Hansen, former CEO of Mack Trucks, Hansen Leadership Hall stands as a testament to his legacy, generously funded in part by The Zenon Hansen Foundation. Completed in 2000, the building offers suite-style rooms, each with gender-inclusive housing and a shared restroom, reflecting our commitment to inclusivity.

Discover a host of amenities within Hansen, including a classroom for collaborative learning, an elevator for convenient access, and dedicated study rooms for those seeking a focused environment. The thoughtful additions extend to everyday conveniences such as a vending machine, free laundry facilities, and the comforting presence of live-in ResLife staff members.

Each room in Hansen is a personalized retreat, complete with a twin XL bed and mattress, a microfridge/freezer/microwave combo, closet, window blinds for privacy, a desk with a chair, dressers, carpeted flooring for added comfort, trash can and recycling bin, and lofting equipment for customizable living spaces.

It's worth noting that while Hansen Leadership Hall welcomes all students, it's an exclusive haven for freshmen who are part of the Directions Leadership Program, a unique opportunity for personal and leadership development. For more information about Directions, please follow this link.

Experience Hansen Leadership Hall – where excellence meets comfort, and every resident is embraced by a community that values both academic pursuits and personal growth.

Brodie Hall

New Hall


Step into a new era of collegiate living with Brodie Hall. Brodie Hall stands as a testament to architectural brilliance, offering a state-of-the-art haven for 127 students seeking the epitome of suite-style living. Nestled within its contemporary confines is an inclusive coed residence that effortlessly blends comfort with innovation. Brodie Hall provides more than just a place to stay; it offers a community-centered lifestyle.

Brodie Hall was designed by the Clark and Enersen Architects, and was ready to welcome residents in January, 2024. It was named after C. Donald Brodie in May, 2024. Don Brodie served as a member of the Doane Board of Trustees from 2000 to 2017, and throughout that time made an extraordinary effort to engage with students, faculty, staff, Doane leadership and his fellow trustees. He passed away in Markham, Ontario in 2022 at the age of 88 years old.  

Brodie Hall offers many amenities such as: vending machines, free laundry facilities, and the assurance of live-in ResLife staff members dedicated to fostering a supportive atmosphere.

Brodie Hall includes some great spaces, where a fully equipped kitchen, engaging game room, vending machines, free laundry, and dedicated study rooms await. 

Discover the essence of inclusive living within suite-style rooms, where gender-inclusive housing and shared restrooms create a sense of unity. Each individual room is crafted to cater to the needs of students – from the twin XL bed and mattress to the closet, a microfridge/freezer/microwave combo, window blinds, desk with a chair, dressers, carpeted flooring, trash can, recycling bin, and lofting equipment for a personalized touch.

Not just a residence, Brodie Hall is an upperclassman's dream. With its contemporary amenities and thoughtful design, it has become the preferred choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of sophistication and community. 

Housing & Dining Charges 24/25

Housing & Dining Charges 24/25