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Manager/Supervisor Tool Kit


PeopleAdmin is our online solution for maintaining staff job descriptions, posting open positions, and managing applicant pools. Annual evaluation and goal setting for staff is also managed in PeopleAdmin. The three modules in which these functions are managed are described below. 

PeopleAdmin can be accessed from the Faculty/Staff page of the Doane website. View our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Position Management: The Position Management Module in PeopleAdmin is where you will work to create and maintain your staff job descriptions. Accurate job descriptions are the foundation for recruitment, setting clear expectations, training and development, performance evaluation, compensation planning, and legal compliance. 

Applicant Tracking: The Applicant Tracking Module in PeopleAdmin is used to post open positions and is where search committees will access applicants. This module is a tool for managing applicant pools efficiently and retaining records of our selection process.

Performance Management: The Performance Management Module houses our annual goal-setting and staff evaluation process where Doane employees, in coordination with their supervisor, set their own performance goals that they want to achieve during the year.

Do you have a vacant position you wish to fill?

  1. Contact Taylor Steiner, HR Generalist, for assistance with the process
  2. For Staff positions: 
  3. For Faculty positions: 

Position Management in PeopleAdmin

Applicant Tracking in PeopleAdmin

Performance Management in PeopleAdmin

2023-24 feedback and 2024-25 goals are due in PeopleAdmin by July 31, 2024


New Employees

Exiting Employees

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Staff Performance Improvement Process