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Faculty & Staff Dining Accounts

The use of this plan will be in the Dining Hall only.  Below you will find information on how to add the $75 to your account.  Once a plan is purchased, you can use the meal swipes for yourself AND your guests. 

This plan is designed to encourage Doane faculty/staff to enjoy meals in the dining hall often.  You are also welcome to purchase another $75 plan at any time; however, the funds will expire at the end of each semester.

Doane University employees have the opportunity to enroll in a meal plan option which can be used for on-campus dining options through “eAccounts”. You can deposit money into and use towards all food purchases at Doane University through Fresh Ideas dining.

15 Meals for $75 - Faculty and Staff Plan

The use of this plan will be in the Dining Hall only.  Below you will find information on how to add the $75 to your account.

Download Transact eAccounts from the App Store 

Download on the App Store

Get it on Google Play

After downloading eAccounts, the following steps will create and add funds to your account.

  1. Search for Doane University
  2. Choose SSO
  3. Enter Doane Username (firstname.lastname) and password
  4. Under Accounts you will see Faculty and Staff Plan, click Add Money
  5. Enter $75 (both the minimum and maximum for this transaction)
  6. Select Credit/Debit
  7. +Add credit or debit card, enter card information
  8. Apple Only: Or pay via Apple Pay.

Once these steps are completed, you can now use your Doane ID to pay for your meal in the Dining Hall.

Tiger Bucks Account also Available for Tiger Den and Lakeside Coffee Shop

You can also add funds to your Tiger Bucks account for use at Tiger Den and Lakeside Coffee Shop. The steps are the same as the Faculty and Staff Plan, but would allow use at the other locations. A 10% bonus will be added to deposits of $50 or more.

  • The program will run year round (including summers).
  • Family members and friends are always welcome, but will be charged the regular guest price for the meal in the dining hall. 
  • Requests for refunds will only be granted in extenuating circumstances as confirmed and verified by the Doane University CFO.
  • This program does not extend to catered meals.
  • Prices are subject to contractual changes.

You can also access eAccounts via the web.

Need help? Please contact the Service Center