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In Touch Information

In Touch

In Touch is designed exclusively for all Doane University employees and students and is operated by a company independent from Doane University. Contact In Touch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with your feedback, matters you would like to report, or suggestions you may have. The attached document is intended to explain how to use the InTouch program; we encourage you to read the instructions and become familiar with the In Touch process.

• Any Doane University employee or student can call or email In Touch, a service provided by an independent company.

• If you choose not to identify yourself, your message can be anonymous.

• A written summary of your call is sent to Doane University for distribution to the person responsible for the content of the question or comment.

• Summaries of calls received are reported to Doane University administrative staff on a regular basis.

In Touch Brochure

When should you use In Touch?

We always prefer that you address any questions, concerns, or issues directly with your manager or a member of the Human Resources or Student Affairs staff. However, if you’re not comfortable doing so, or you are not satisfied with the response you’ve received, then you should consider using In Touch.

What should In Touch NOT be used for

In Touch is not intended to replace existing compliance policies, established grievance procedures, or safety or emergency protocols (call 911 for emergencies).

Contact information for Doane's helpline:

[email protected]