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Resources & Guidelines

In order to protect Doane’s brand position and identity, the Office of Strategic Marketing has provided the following resources, standards, and guidelines for your reference to maintain a consistent brand through visual branding standards.

Brand Guidelines

Visual Identity System (Visual Style Guide)

Included are basic guidelines for the use of the Doane Brand, as well as specific directions for official logos, typefaces, colors, etc.

Style Guide (Written Style Guide)

This addresses the editorial style for Doane University.

Social Media Guidelines

Social Media is a fast-growing form of online communication through which users create communities to share information, ideas, photos, videos and more. Doane has created specific guidelines the community is expected to follow when using Doane sponsored social media accounts and as it’s users.

Brand Resources

PowerPoint Templates

These PowerPoint templates allow faculty, staff, and students to create presentations based off of Doane's Branding Standards. 
Both standard (4:3) and widescreen (16:9) templates are available for download. 

Email Signatures

Please use the following email signatures for your email address ensure the University is referenced correctly, and presents a unified and professional appearance across our communication channels. These signatures are recommended for all faculty and staff.

Digital Media Library

Please use the following digital media library when in need of high-quality branded images for official Doane-related Communications. This Google Drive is available only to those with a current email address.

Doane Photoshelter Image Repository

PhotoShelter is the home of all images created by the Office of Strategic Marketing. These include images of campus, employee headshots, event photography and images used to promote programs, organizations, athletics and fine arts.

We’re in the process of adding and organizing files, so if you’re looking for something specific and can’t find it in existing files, please continue to reach out to us with those requests. Some files may also be restricted to certain users or departments for download. If you see something you want to use but don’t have that access, let us know.