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Doane Vocal Festival

Sunday, January 8 and Monday, January 9, 2023

Registration fee: $50 per student (please pay on the day of the festival when you come to register)

Accompanist fee: $10

Nomination form & deadline:  Nominations for the 2023 Doane Vocal Festival are now closed. 

Solo Competition: Participation in the festival solo competition is not required. Solo competition forms will be included in the acceptance mailing. A select few students can use their solo competition performance as a scholarship audition to Doane University; please be sure the student has applied to Doane if this is desired.  Students interested in this option should email Dr. Kurt Runestad ( and Jerri Van Horn (  If you have other questions about the solo competition, please email Performing Arts Administrative Assistant Jerri Van Horn.

Important registration note: No more than two of your top five nominees and three of your top ten nominees may be sopranos. 

Special instructions for the online registration form: This year's festival is only open to Juniors and seniors. Please do not nominate any sophomores or freshmen. You only need to fill out your DIRECTOR and SCHOOL information once, for the first student you nominate. All other fields are required. Also, please mention if any of your students have participated in an All-State choir (this can be put in the "Awards received" box).

If you have any questions or feedback please do not hesitate to e-mail Thanks!