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Music Department

Our mission is to provide students with a music experience deeply rooted in artistry, skill, knowledge, methodology and current practices all within the context of a liberal arts education. We offer five (5) auditioned and non-auditioned instrumental and vocal ensembles for students to be a part of. 

2021-2022 Music Handbook

Music Education Course of Study

Music Performance Course of Study 

Music General Emphasis Course of Study

Degree Options

Bachelor of Arts in Music - General Emphasis
Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance
Music Teaching Endorsement
Bachelor of Arts in Music Education*
*This major gives you a general certification to teach all areas of music in the state of Nebraska

About the Department

To expose our students to a wide variety of music experiences, we tour annually both at home and abroad. Our Music Education Majors are given the chance to work alongside outstanding teachers, and attend conferences such as:

Guest Speakers and Performers

Doane University regularly hosts a diverse group of local and international artists and educators to share their talents and love of music with Doane students. Past visits have included:

Scholarship Opportunities

All students planning to attend Doane University are invited to audition for a music scholarship. Upon enrollment, you will have the opportunity to sing or play to fit your interest. We welcome students at every ability level, and you do not need to have a Music scholarship to participate in any of our ensembles. Our top ensembles tour every year, at little, to no cost for the student.

For students unable to audition for a Doane Music scholarship in person, we are pleased to offer an alternative. We accept either a high-quality video (MP4) or an audio Recording (MP3). If you play more than one instrument, or if you plan an instrument(s) and sing, feel free to submit multiple auditions on a single CD/DVD/MP3/Video.

For more information, view our Distance Audition Information here.

Health and Safety for All

Doane University is committed to ensuring a safe environment for its students and faculty to pursue musical excellence. Doane University has embraced the health and safety guidelines of the National Association of Schools of Music. Each Semester all students, faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to attend a workshop by our faculty and health professionals on health and safety for musicians. All students, faculty and staff should familiarize themselves with the following information:

Health and Wellbeing for Musicians

Hearing Health Guidelines for Faculty and Staff