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Financial Aid & Scholarships

Education is one of the most important, and possibly the first, big investment of your life. Spend some time researching scholarships as they can be a big factor in financing your years at college.

Your academic scholarship amount and GPA maintenance requirements are tied to the semester you started at Doane.

Aid Award Eligibility Process
Nebraska Business Hall of Fame Scholarship


This program is designed to provide scholarship assistance to deserving students, in their sophomore or junior year of college…

Find out more at https://www.nechamber.…

Sallie May - Bridging the Dream

Find out more…

Sallie Mae - Completing the Dream


Enrolled full-time or part-time at an accredited post-secondary institution or continuous…

Find out more at…

United Negro College Fund

Information is available at:


Tuition Funding Sources

Tuition Funding Sources is available free of charge to all students looking to continue their education after high school

Students need to create an account at

Scholarships for Minority Students

Many different types of scholarships are available to minorities, LGBTQ, and women. These scholarships can be used as a supplement…

Detailed information about scholarships available to minority students can be found on their …

Scholarship opportunities for Graduate Students

Eligibility requirements for graduate scholarships typically vary according to the source and type of scholarship. Scholarships may…

Visit the Open Education Database for more information

Sallie Mae Scholarship Search


Anyone can create a profile to be personally matched to scholarships.

Register at

Lincoln Community Foundation

Visit to find out if you are eligible to apply for one or many of their scholarships

International Financial Aid and College Scholarship Search

More information is available at

Scholarships for international students. More information is available at