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The endowment is a permanent investment that generates funds to be used, in perpetuity, to support Doane University and our programs.   Scholarships and memorial funds are part of the endowment.  

Each year, Doane University spends part of its endowment earning and to protect the principal against inflation, some earnings are reinvested.  This process ensures that the endowment will continue to grow and yield more interest for future support and scholarships.

Investing in Doane means an investment in the future of thousands of students.

To establish an endowed fund, constituents give or pledge $25,000 or more.   This can be done over a period of up to 5 years.   The endowment may be for a scholarship and named to honor someone (i.e. The Walt & Ruth Olsen Endowed Scholarship).  The named endowment may also be for a program or personal field of interest within the college or be directed to the university's greatest needs.

Our students benefit from the generous endowment gifts from past donors.  Tomorrow's Doane University is being created by today's endowment gifts.

Contact Director of Planned Giving Thomas Reeves '88 at [email protected] for more information. 

Endowment Gift Opportunities

General Endowment Fund: Endowed funds are an integral part of the university's long history of being an institution that defines excellence in higher education.  Your gift will continue to provide support to specific programs and/or areas chosen by you. All endowed funds must be fully funded within five years. Minimum: $25,000

Named Scholarships: An ideal way to preserve a family name and personally affect numerous students is by endowing a scholarship. Your gift to this fund will continue to assist deserving students at Doane. Scholarships are named at your discretion. Annually, more than 90 percent of Doane students receive some form of financial aid. All endowed scholarships must be fully funded within five years. Minimum: $25,000

Chair/Professorships: These positions are established to fund superior teaching in academic areas and to provide foundations of excellence in the learning experience for Doane students. Should you choose to establish a chair or professorship, the discipline and name may be selected at your discretion. Minimum: $1,000,000

Symposiums: Your gift in support of an annual symposium allows Doane the opportunity to host meetings on a variety of academic and current interest topics. These events enable the university to bring leading scholars and activists to share their thoughts and insights with our students. Experiences like these provide Doane students an unparalleled educational experience. Minimum: $250,000

Lectureships: Gifts to the lectureship fund ensure individuals of significant achievement are able to share their insights with students on an annual basis. Existing lectureships have brought speakers from numerous disciplines, including poets and scientists. Minimum: $100,000

Equipment Fund: Our growing programs require expanded inventories and the best equipment available to faculty and students. Earnings from endowed funds are used to refurbish and/or purchase new equipment annually for programs. You may designate programs to benefit from your gift or allow university administrators to allocate the funds to the most urgent needs. Minimum: $10,000