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CARE Team Members

Core members
Andreea Baker, Director of Health & Wellness
Darcy Dawson, Director of Counseling Services
Becky Hunke, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs
Wendy Hunt, DEI Specialist
Judy Kawamoto, Vice President for Student Affairs
Ann Koopmann, Director of Academic Advising
Carrisa Smith, Lead Safety Administrator, Public Safety
Brian Stutz, Director of Residential Life & Education

Affiliate members
Catherine Archie-Johnson, Director of Lincoln Campus & Omaha Location
Tim Burge, Director of International Programs
Leah Cech, Equity Compliance Officer
Amit Jain (AJ) Chauradia, Graduate School faculty representative
Beth Jacobson, Executive Director, Student Support Services/Director of TRIO
Gwendolyn Lopez, Disability Services, Academic Support Center
Lori Thompson, Director of Student Retention Initiatives
Mark Wateska, Director of Athletics