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Doane Students Who Served

Doane Success Story: Lillie Chambers

Choosing Doane University has been one of the best decisions I ever made! Doane not only allowed me to be a student but also a mother, a wife, and a Soldier. The faculty at Doane worked with my military schedule and understood the hectic schedule that can sometimes come along with being a staff sergeant in the Army National Guard. The flexibility that they allowed me to have was instrumental in my success at Doane.

The staff at Doane has been and still is supportive of my career. I opened up a food bank that is now on the internship list at Doane. With the encouragement and class format Doane provided, I was able to think outside of the box on so many assignments which was very inspiring to me. I know I would not have found that at any other school!

One of the perks of being in the Army National Guard is tuition assistance. My advisor at Doane worked with me and with the tuition assistance program which in turn paid for all of my schooling! I am forever grateful to my advisor as she was able turn my military training into credits at Doane so I did not have to take extra classes. That saved me money and time.

Doane is an all-around great college. They will go above and beyond for you and push you to do the same for yourself! They help you turn your dream of being a college graduate into reality…and it feels so good!

--- Lillie Chambers

Lillie Chambers

Staff Sergeant

Army National Guard

Bachelor of Arts in Human Relations May '13



Doane Success Story: Levi Bennett         

Doane is simply the best! Doane is a military and family friendly college with great counselors who help you each step of the way to ensure you are selecting the right coursework to succeed in obtaining the education you want and need to compete for your dream career. I encourage all military personnel, both veterans and active reserves, to choose Doane University to further their education and dreams. You will enjoy the Doane experience. There is so much more to Doane than just the educational side; there is a family atmosphere, real friendships you build, and the real world knowledge of the professors that completes your personal and professional needs.

My experience at Doane has led me in a new direction both professionally and personally. I know I am a better husband, father, and person for attending Doane.   --- Levi Bennett

Levi Bennett

Retired Corporal

United States Marine Corps

Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration December ' 13

Magna Cum Laude

Currently pursuing Master of Arts in Management