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Doane and the Crete Community

The Crete Community and Doane University have strong connections that allow strong connections to allow for students to interact. Crete’s small size allows students without transportation easy access around, as most conveniences, resources, and events are within walking distance. Throughout the year, both Crete and Doane collaborate on events such as the Great Pumpkin Festival and Relay for Life. This also includes volunteering opportunities in local events and organizations. These events are ways for relationships between Doane Students and Crete Community members to grow and thrive.

Crete offers 10+ local parks for recreational activities and camping. These parks are located in the surrounding area and within Crete. More information can be found on our Crete and Beyond page as well as the city of Crete’s website. Crete hosts a variety of health and wellness services students may use aside from the nurse on campus. There are general health and medical clinics, dental care, emergency services, health professionals, chiropractic work, eye care, and pharmaceutical options.

Crete Campus Virtual Tour

Crete Campus Map