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President's Award for Leadership

The President's Award for Leadership is presented to alumni and friends of the college who have shown extraordinary service and leadership in their communities.  (as needed)

Award Date Last Name First Name Maiden Class Year City State
1989 Tonniges Thomas   1971 Omaha NE
1994 Haggai Thomas     High Point NC
1995 Reiss Walter   1955 Lodi CA
1996 Dittman Alice     Lincoln NE
1997 Begay Jimmie     Chinle AZ
1999 Steyer Caryl   1949    
1999 McDowell Benjamin        
1999 Petersen Dean   1947, V12 Lincoln NE
1999 Ziegenbein William   1949 Monterey CA
2002 Coordsen Janice     Hebron NE
2002 Newmyer Robert   1952 Storrs Mansfield CT
2002 Coordsen George        
2002 Miner Harriet Buck      
2002 Scroggs Rebecca Adkins 1943    
2002 Bereuter Doug     San Francisco CA
2003 Travnicek Robert     Long Beach MS
2007 Nyrop Donald   1934    
2007 Adams Paul     Lincoln NE
2011 Wright Earl     Castle Rock CO
2016 Olsen Ruth Ross 1953 Lincoln NE
2017 Andersen Marian B.     Omaha NE
2018 Kelsall Ann     Crete NE

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