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Lifelong Tigers: Janet Jeffries

All Things Czech: Heritage, Traditions, and More!
presented by Janet Jeffries

Janet Jeffries

This webinar was recorded on July 30, 2020.


Description of this Webinar:
This webinar will take participants on a virtual tour of a remarkable, unique cultural exhibit that is typically given by Janet Jeffries during Saline County's annual Czech Festival in Wilber. The exhibit features costumes, textiles, and button accordions, but Janet will also speak to other aspects of the Czech culture. Since the festival has been cancelled for 2020, Janet will show the exhibit remotely to viewers while also sharing a background about Czechs in this area and their rich cultural legacy. Crete is located in one of Nebraska’s counties most heavily populated by Czechs during the settlement period. Czech heritage is still very much apparent here even 155 years after the first Bohemian and Moravian immigrants made Saline County their home. Thousands of Doane University alumni boast Czech ancestry, and most non-Czech alums can attest that during their time at Doane, the Czech culture rubbed off on them too! 

Czech Days
Czech Days
Czech Fest

Learning Objectives of this Webinar:

  • Learn about traditional costumes, textiles, and other aspects of Czech heritage
  • Learn about Czech (Bohemian and Moravian) immigrants that settled in the area
  • Learn about Doane, Crete, and Saline County's history with Czech culture
  • Get your Czech fix in lieu of Czech Days! 

About Janet Jeffries:
Doane University historian, Janet Jeffries, is a descendant of 19th century Czech immigrants.  With ancestors from both Bohemia and Moravia, Janet has actively studied and promoted Czech heritage, culture, and genealogy at Doane and in Nebraska for more than 30 years. While now retired from full-time work at Doane University, she has supported and coordinated several Czech heritage activities held at the university over the years. She served as Czech Studies Elderhostel director, and as organizer of annual Doane Czech concerts featuring folk and classical music. She has hosted 20 tours to the Czech Lands since 1992, which have included many Doane alumni along for the ride. Janet is a member of the Nebraska Humanities Council Speakers Bureau offering a program on Czech costumes, and also does musical performances featuring Czech vocals.


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