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Lifelong Tigers: Allyson Horne

Recognizing Your Authentic Self: Strengths, Purpose, and Engagement
presented by Allyson Horne '97

Allyson Horne

This webinar was recorded on June 19, 2020.


Description of this Webinar:
We are designed for connection. As we learn more about our own strengths, we are more likely to recognize strengths and talent in others. In this learning session, Allyson Horne '97 will share more about strengths awareness, growth mindset, and purpose, and how all of those link to engagement and wellbeing. Recognizing ways to create a culture of invitation and a positive environment starts within. This learning opportunity will help you reflect and apply strategies to leverage your strengths and optimize your greatest asset—YOU.

Learning Objectives of this Webinar:

  • Practice strengths awareness and strengths spotting
  • Demonstrate growth mindset
  • Learn the power of "yet" and the importance of accountability partners
  • Consider the question "What's your why?" and design your own purpose statement

About Allyson Horne '97:
Allyson Horne '97 manages training and support for TeamMates Mentoring Program and has worked in the field of mentoring for over 15 years. Allyson received her Bachelor of Arts in sociology from Doane College in 1997, and earned her certificate in Strength-Based Education from the Clifton division of Gallup University in 2010. Allyson coordinates program-wide training for TeamMates Mentoring, serves as a coaching guide for WYLD Leadership, co-hosts the Genn and Millie podcast, and channels creativity through a personal blog.


Who is your Mrs. Weber? Doc Dudley? Gigi?
How do we create a culture of invitation? Of belonging? Of inclusion?
Who is part of your board of directors? Who helps you be your best self?
Proud of moment? Strengths that contributed?
What story of hope comes to mind when you think about this research?
Who is your Tess? Who depends on you to be Tess in your workplace?