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Lifelong Tigers: J. Victor McGuire

Strength Through Leadership and Effective Coaching

presented by J. Victor McGuire '78, Ph.D. CPCC

J. victor McGuire

This webinar was recorded on September 24, 2020.


Description of this Webinar:
Whether you manage entry-level employees or executives, coaching effectively and building employee skills to address shortcomings and develop leaders is one of the most powerful competencies you can develop. Doane Alum J. Victor McGuire ’78 will provide an excellent starting point on your road to becoming an effective workplace coach. He will provide helpful discussion on the importance of coaching, changing your own trajectory and bringing out the best skills within your team. Additionally, Victor will discuss his new nonprofit organization “Coaching For Everyone” where complimentary coaching and leadership support is afforded to traditionally underserved and under-resourced Black, Latinx, and Indigenous populations.

Learning Objectives of this Webinar:

  • Methods to enhance your leadership capabilities through effective coaching
  • Techniques for providing ongoing, actionable feedback
  • How coaching can be used to develop, attract and retain talented employees
  • Identifying employees’ key needs, setting goals, and establishing action plans with ongoing assessment
  • Ways to positively motivate employees that improve individual and team performance

About J. Victor McGuire '78, Ph.D., CPCC, ACC:
J. Victor McGuire graduated from Doane with a degree in speech/theatre and secondary education. Since graduating college, Victor has acquired more than 30 years of teaching and leadership-development experience in a variety of sectors including secondary and higher education, high-tech companies, mental health nonprofits, Fortune 100 businesses, and has worked effectively with a range of age groups from teenagers to senior executives.

As a Certified Professional Coach and Certified Strengths Coach, Victor is exceptional at guiding individuals in understanding their personal and professional strengths and leading them in achieving their fullest potential by leveraging those strengths. With empathy, joyfulness and passion, Victor supports individuals in functioning optimally in the workplace while fulfilling a sense of personal purpose and work/life balance. He also leads teams and organizations in aligning their practices with their organization’s mission and vision to achieve desired outcomes.

Victor has also founded the non-profit organization Coaching For Everyone ( with a mission that is designed to provide traditionally under resourced populations, particularly Black, Latinx and indigenous young adults, K-12 educators and nonprofit employees.