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Disability Services

Doane University provides reasonable accommodations to qualified students with disabilities to provide them equal access to all University programs, facilities, services, and opportunities. Students with disabilities can request accommodations by engaging in the accommodations process.  

The accommodations process is an individualized and collaborative process that is initiated by the student. Once initiated, the student engages in a collaborative conversation with the Director of Disability Services to explore what access barriers they encounter in the university environment and what kinds of accommodations can be put in place to remove or mitigate those barriers. Accommodations are determined based on all of the information provided to the Director of Disability Services including the student’s self-report and supporting documentation. Accommodations are put in place to provide a student equal access/equal opportunity. Accommodations cannot lower expectations, or requirements, and cannot fundamentally alter the essential functions or objectives of a program or course.

This is a “living” process meaning accommodations can be updated or changed at any time. If a student feels an accommodation is not sufficient to provide them with equal access, they can request to explore other options. 

This process can involve multiple people including the student, Director of Disability Services, faculty, and other staff. Others such as parents, family members, medical providers, and others can be involved if the student gives consent to their involvement. However, the student is still the one who initiates and drives the process.

Accommodations can and may need to be adjusted and customized to each unique environment, course, or situation. In these situations, the student and the Director of Disability Services will continue to collaborate in order to determine what accommodations are appropriate. Some accommodations may need to be determined in collaboration with individual instructors or university staff.

How-to Request Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

This process is initiated by the Student. We recommend starting this process as early as possible to ensure your needs are met before the start of the semester/term.

  1. Gather Documentation and Send to Gwendolyn Lopez
    • Documentation is to be provided by the student. Doane University will not request documentation on behalf of the student.
    • Acceptable forms of documentation are:
      • Statement of specific disability from a qualified professional (i.e. physician, therapist, counselor, certified educational psychologist, etc.)
      • Copies of secondary school records establishing the existence of a disability and accommodations provided at the secondary level.
      • Please note: IEP's and 504 plans may provide helpful insight into what accommodations will benefit the student, but they do not obligate Doane University to provide the same accommodations.
  2. For more information, or to schedule an appointment; please contact Gwendolyn Lopez, at [email protected] or by calling 402-466-4774

Accommodation Renewals 

Accommodations must be requested every 16-week semester, or 8-week term. Students must initiate the renewal process and are encouraged to request renewals as soon as possible to ensure their accommodations are set up prior to the start of a new term. 

If any student feels their accommodations have not been implemented correctly or have any grievance regarding their ADA accommodations, please contact Beth Jacobson at [email protected].

Things to Note

  • Reasonable accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Accommodations are not retroactive and are only in place from the time they are approved moving forward.
  • Our office does not have in-depth knowledge of specific course design. As a result, some accommodations listed within this letter may not align with course activities. Professors that have any questions or concerns regarding how to implement an accommodation or require any clarification should contact the Director of Disability Services.