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National Student Clearinghouse (NSC)

There are two ways to request online transcripts.

1)    Login to Self-Service and select Order My Transcript under the Academic Profile heading.  Since you've securely logged into WebAdvisor a signature will not be required for your transcript request.
2)    Go to National Student Clearinghouse.  Follow the directions on the screens.  At the end you can electronically sign with your mouse for the request.

Why should I use NSC?

  • It's more affordable than a paper transcript request.
  • I need an electronic version of my transcript.
  • I can request transcripts and make payments on a secure web site 24/7.
  • I can track my request online, see when it's received, sent, and see when it has been delivered.
  • An electronic transcript won't get lost in the mail.

Why wouldn't I use NSC?

  • I need a transcript sent to another Doane campus. All Doane locations/programs can access a Doane transcript.

Common Questions when requesting a transcript through NSC. 

  • Is an electronic transcript considered official?

Yes, Doane transcripts processed through the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) are official and secure. Recipients receive two emails. The first one notifies them that a transcript has been sent and they should click on the web link provided in the email to access it. The second email has a secure password required to log in the previously mentioned web link.

  • My transcript was sent, but my grades aren't there?

Likely when you requested your transcript, you selected 'Current Transcript-Process As Is" and your current term grades haven't been verified. Grades are verified by the Registrar's Office after the term is complete (see calendars). To ensure your grades have been verified, you can check them in self-service or you should select "After Grades Are Posted." Grades in CANVAS are not official. The faculty member has to submit official grades to the Registrar's Office for posting on your transcript.  

  • NSC says it can't find my record?

The computer uses several pieces of information to find a student. If you've recently changed your name or moved, finding you might be tricky. What has occurred more often, is information entered at the time you enrolled, like your birthdate or Social Security number (SSN), was keyed in wrong (or pre-filled with the last person who used the computer) so NSC can't locate you. Another common issue for students enrolled in the Open Learning Academy, is that when you applied you didn't provide your Social Security number, so we don't have it in Doane's computer system, and now when you are requesting transcripts, you're using SSN (which we don't have) instead of student ID. To remedy this you can request your transcript using your student ID, or reach out to the Registrar's Office and provide us your social security number. 

  • My order was cancelled?

Orders will be cancelled if 1) you order more than 30 days before grades will be posted; or 2) you order requesting transcripts to be sent after graduation, but you are a non-degree seeking student in the Open Learning Academy (non-degree seeking student don't graduate). 

  • It never asked me to enter an email address?

Email addresses are not required when you select to have your transcript sent to a 'College or University', or an 'Educational Organization, Application Service and Scholarships'. Once you select the school, organization, or application service your transcript is sent to an inbox that is set up by the receiving organization so you don't need to enter an email.

If your only option is to enter a mailing address, it might be you answered the question "Did you start attending Doane University before 1988?" with a YES.  Records prior to 1988 are only in hard copy form, and not electronic, therefore can not be processed electronically.

  • I want my transcript sent to a specific email address at a school, instead of a general inbox?

When doing your request, you can select "Employer or Other" and then enter any email address you want.

  • I've selected an Application Service, like CASPA or LSAC, and now it's asking for a transcript ID or account number, what's that?

Once you start the admission process with an application service, they often create an individual ID or account number for you to track your application materials.  This ID should have been sent to you when you first started the process and is required to proceed with your transcript request.

  • My organization isn't in the list of 'Educational Organizations, Application Service and Scholarships'?

If you can't find the Organization you want, you can scroll to the very bottom and select  "Not in List" or you can back-up and choose "Employer or Other" and you'll be prompted to enter an email address.

  • Can I just have an unofficial transcript instead?

Unofficial transcripts are available to degree seeking students in self-service in academic planning. Students in the Open Learning Academy can also find unofficial transcripts in self-service by selecting the Academics option (graduation cap) along the left hand side.