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Graduate Studies in Education Academic Calendar

2022-2023 Academic Calendar Graduate Education PDF

2022-2023 Academic Calendar Master of Arts in Counseling PDF

2022 Summer Course Schedule PDF

FALL SEMESTER 2022    22/EDFA    Saturday, August 20 – Sunday, December 18 

    20  Wednesday....Fall Schedule released
    25  Monday....Registration for 22/EDFA starts

    29  Monday....Online courses start

    5  Monday....Labor Day – University CLOSED
    6  Tuesday....Payment deadline for Fall semester   
    9  Friday....Fall Census - Last day to drop a course with 100% refund.  
            Late adds will have $100 fee.
    31....Final day to withdraw from a course and receive a “W”,
            unless course has already concluded
    9  Wednesday....Spring Schedule Released on Self-Service
    14  Monday....Registration for 23/EDSP starts
    15  Last day for EdD student to defend dissertation
    23 - 25 W-F....Thanksgiving Break – 11/24-25 University CLOSED

    3  Saturday....Final day of online courses
    9  Friday....Fall Semester GRADES DUE by 9am; C&I, COE, EDL, Dec. Grads
    17  Saturday....COMMENCEMENT – 1 p.m. for Aug and Dec 2022 Graduates
    19  Monday....Remaining grades due for ESD and EdD

SPRING SEMESTER 2023   23/EDSP    Saturday, January 7 – Sunday, May 14

    23  Monday....Online courses start
    30  Monday....Payment deadline for Spring semester

    2  Thursday....Spring Census - Last day to drop a course with 100% refund.  
            Late adds will have $100 fee.
    15  Wednesday....Summer Schedule Released on Self-Service
    20  Monday....Registration for 23/EDSU starts
    31....Final day to withdraw from a course and receive a “W”,
            unless course has already concluded
    15....Last day for EdD students to defend dissertation
    29  Saturday....Final day of courses

    5  Friday....Spring Semester GRADES DUE by 9am; C&I, COE, EDL, May Grads
    13  Saturday....COMMENCEMENT – 10 a.m. for May 2023 Graduates
    15  Monday....Remaining grades due

SUMMER SEMESTER 2023   23/EDSU    Monday, May 22 – Sunday, July 23

    30  Monday....Courses start for Crete campus May 2023 graduates
    5  Monday....Online courses start
    5  Monday....Last day for EDL, ESD, EdD students to add without a $100 late fee
    15....Final day to withdraw from an online course and receive a “W”
    15....Payment deadline for courses that started in May or June
    30 Thursday....Last day to apply for Financial Aid for 22-23 year
     3  Monday....Grades due for courses required for certification
            (brand new teachers requiring state certification for the first time).
    4  Tuesday....Fourth of July holiday
    15....Payment deadline for courses that start in July
    15 ....Last day for EdD students to defend dissertation
    17  Monday....Final day of online courses
    19  Wednesday....Summer census
    19  Wednesday....Fall Schedule Released on Self-Service
    24  Monday....Summer GRADES DUE by 9am for summer courses that are done
    24  Monday....Registration for 23/EDFA starts
    26  Wednesday....Transcript release date for summer courses that are complete
    31  Monday....All remaining grades due

    15....Summer Graduates Diploma’s printed and mailed
    18  Friday....Final transcript release date for August grads with degree
            notation and late summer courses