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Research Instruction

Things change. It's a fact of life especially when it comes to technology, and libraries are all about technology. The tools students use to find information as incoming freshmen may be vastly different four years later as they work on their senior research projects, and faculty don't always have time to keep up with database enhancements. That's where the librarians at Perkins Library can help.

We're here to help you and your students navigate through the evolving world of information finding tools. The librarians welcome invitations to come to your classroom (or you can come to the library) to work with your students to use the finding tools that lead to good reliable information. We can show tips and tricks for getting around the tools, and locating the information you need.

So just ask! We request that you give us 7 days notice to prepare, and a copy of the assignment. Please plan to be on hand to relate what the librarian says to what you are doing in the classroom; students know it's important if the professor is listening, too. Even better, contact us during your initial course planning in order to integrate the library instruction into the course and to help craft an assignment that works well with our collections.

Contact your subject specialist:

Social Sciences, Master of Arts in Counseling (MAC), College of Education, College of Business| Jayne Germer ([email protected])

Fine Arts & Humanities, Archives, Sciences, Pre-Med, Pre-Health, RN-BSN, online | Cali Neuberger ([email protected])