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Mekota/Moore Awards

Recognition is given to deserving alumni in areas related to computing.  The purpose is to help promote the exceptional efforts of Doane alumni. 

Below you can browse past award recipients and access a form to propose future recipients.  Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.

This award honors John Mekota who graduated from Doane in 1943.  For more than 30 years, John worked in the electronics and computer industry serving as an independent consultant, programmer, system designer and system design reviewer.

This award also honors Omar Moore who graduated from Doane in 1942. Omar's interests varied widely and included blending his formal sociology studies with computing resulting in projects such as a talking typewriter and immersive videos.

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You must be a Doane faculty member to submit a nomination. Nominations are on a rolling basis - you can expect to hear back from our staff soon after submission.


How is this person applying computing in their career/project in a unique or exceptional manner?