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Science Research

The Division of Science, Mathematics, and Information Science and Technology provides students with many opportunities to participate in research.  The listing below shows currently active groups.  While the listing is by department, it should be emphasized that much of the research being done in the division is interdisciplinary.  Any student who is interested in doing research in one of these areas should contact the lead professor.


Durham Brooks Lab

Dr. Durham Brooks studies how nature (genetic makeup) and nurture (environment) interact to affect plant function.  The lab has developed inexpensive, high-resolution, high-throughput imaging systems, NMR methods, and microscopy techniques to track plant responses to reorientation, cold stress and bacterial infection.
Contact: [email protected]
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Environmental and Earth Science

Russell Souchek, Ph.D. - Chair, Environmental and Earth Sciences

Professor Souchek works on problems related to particulate air quality, groundwater pollution (particularly nitrates), alternative energy using photovoltaic panels, animal behavior (particularly black-tailed prairie dogs, fish and hermit crabs), invertebrate and aquatic ecology.
Contact: [email protected]