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Introductory Physics I (Algebra-based)

  • Course ID: PHYS 107
  • Subject: Physical Sciences

Recommended: Two years of high school algebra or any mathematics course numbered 100 or above. MTH 125 (or higher) recommended.
An algebra-based course designed to meet the needs of the pre-professional student and the science major as  well as providing an introduction to physics for all students. Topics covered include kinematics, dynamics, work, energy, rotational mechanics, and fluids. Students will gain a conceptual understanding and an ability to use quantitative methods to model physical phenomena of the topics covered. This course includes laboratory work.

Courses Include

  • illustration of a person talking. Lectures
  • illustration of a beaker. Labs
Labs fall into three categories: at-home labs, laboratory kits and virtual labs. At-home labs use commonly found household items or things that can easily be purchased and come with a set of instructions on how to complete the lab. Laboratory kits are very similar to at home-labs – items and directions required to complete the lab are sent directly to you via the purchase of a lab kit. Virtual labs use in-house designed simulations which walk you through any experiment and will ask you lab-related questions. All labs may require a video of you performing the lab and/or a completed lab report.

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