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2020 Senior Gift Campaign

Class of 2020 Senior Gift Campaign

Crete's graduating Class of 2020 had a successful Senior Gift Campaign, reaching their goals of $2,020 raised overall through 72 senior donors as well as a few matching gifts.

Those who donated have earned orange cords to wear at Commencement, designating their philanthropic gift to Doane. They have also earned Class of 2020 mugs to commemorate their big day.

Class of 2020 Glass Pint Mug

Through the money raised in this campaign, a rock was purchased and positioned on campus to commemorate the Class of 2020 for decades to come.

Class of 2020 Plaque on Rock

The Advancement and Alumni Offices want to thank each of our donors, and to congratulate all graduates on their achievement as we celebrate them and welcome them to the Doane Alumni Association!


Why should I donate when I already pay tuition?

Tuition only covers a portion of the cost it takes to operate Doane University. Several programs around campus including the College to Career Center, Peer Tutoring, and Travel Abroad are 100 percent funded by donations. By making your donation, you are helping support various aspects of campus including funding vital scholarships for our students. Giving back to your alma mater helps ensure Future Tigers have the same experience you did.

Will my small amount actually make a difference?

The percentage of alumni and students who give, regardless of the amount, impacts Doane’s prestige and boosts our overall giving percentage. When students and alumni show confidence by giving back, we have a better chance at receiving outside grants. In addition, last year gifts of $250 or less added up to $178,000 of support for the university!

What is the Doane Fund?

The Doane Fund encompasses gifts that can be made and spent within one fiscal year.  Every year, loyal Doane Fund donors provide vital support to enhancing the Doane University experience for our students. Areas of support from the Doane Fund include: Scholarships, Academic Programs, Fine Arts, Travel and Study Abroad, Campus Beauty, Technology and Undergraduate Research and more. To break it down, the Doane Fund approximately supports 50 percent people, 35 percent financial aid, athletics and student life, and 15 percent daily needs. Simply put, the Doane Fund supports every aspect of Doane University.

Do I have to donate to the Doane Fund?

If you do not wish to donate to the Doane Fund, you may specify a program or scholarship where you’d like your money to go.