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The Ambush Student Section

In an effort to continue to enhance the game day experience, several departments across Doane University have teamed up to amplify the student voice and give our athletic teams home field/court advantage.
In collaboration with SALT and the Office of Student Engagement, The Doane Athletic Department has provided the students a section they can call their own.  With the help of a working group, a new Student Section was developed called The Doane Tiger Ambush (The Ambush), getting the name from the definition of an Ambush, which is a surprise attack from a group of tigers.
The entire student body will now be a part of The Ambush when sitting in their sections at Tiger sporting events.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in regular themes and receive special Doane gear when in these sections. An executive board will be formed to help manage the group and keep the students engaged during the course of the year. 

The Ambush at Wrestling

Fans can follow The Ambush on Twitter and Instagram at @DoaneAmbush @Doane_SALT @doane_SPB

For more information on The Ambush please contact Spencer Munson - [email protected] or Ben Berreckman - [email protected].

2022 Doane Athletics PUSH Events:

September 10: Football Kick off 1PM *Midland* - SPB/HR

September 21-24: SALT Push Week

September 21: Volleyball *Hastings* - SPB/HR

September 22: Women’s Soccer + Men’s Soccer

September 23: JV/Varsity Volleyball

September 24th - Home Cross Country

September 24: Women’s Soccer + Men’s Soccer *Jamestown* - SPB/HR

October 5: Hoopfest

October 8: Homecoming Football

October 27: Men’s Basketball Kick-Off

November 12: Football, Men’s+Women’s Basketball

December 4: Wrestling Kick-Off