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Eligibility and Requirements

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Full time faculty members are eligible to invite scholars to present original research, from all academic disciplines, from studio art and English to biology, who have earned or are working toward the highest degree in their field.
  • A faculty member, department, and/or division must sponsor and organize the presentation, including working with the college's office of communications to publicize the event.
  • Presenter must lecture to the Doane University community at large and discuss the research further in the classroom setting or through a more informal group discussion with students.

Qualifying Expenses

  • Modest honoraria are expected to average between $500.00 and $1,000.00. (To the extent that funding is available, the committee has some flexibility with regard to the honorarium, taking into account the qualifications and experience of the presenter, the distance presenter travels, and other expenses associated with the event.)
  • Airfare and/or mileage, food, and lodging.
  • Expenses  for modest receptions/dinners, both on and off campus, will qualify for funding.

Proposal, Evaluation Criteria and Deadlines

  • Sponsoring faculty/department/division should submit a proposal and the C.V./resume of the proposed speaker to the Dredla Research Speakers Series Committee, which will evaluate proposals in consultation with the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  (See Application for Funding).
  • Proposals will be evaluated on:
    • Level of support for the speaker's visit
    • Explanation of the importance of the speaker's research area
    • Ability to fund the event in light of other proposals
    • Timeliness of the presenter in light of scheduled courses
    • Goal of the series to present research in all academic disciplines
  • Requests for funding can be made throughout the academic year.  In the event that funding is not immediately available, requests may be approved for future funding.
  • The purpose of the series and an introduction to the Dredla sisters and their support of Doane University should be mentioned at every presentation.
  • Sponsors are required to submit a final report (by the end of the academic semester in which the event occurred) that details actual expenses incurred, support achieved on behalf of the event, media coverage, and the (estimated) number of persons attending the various events.