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Admission to Student Teaching

Students anticipating the student teaching experience must make a formal application to the Teacher Education Program prior to student teaching. (NDE, NAC 92, Rule 20, 004.06G)

Prior to admission to Student Teaching the student will be required to undergo a background check through One Source. Preservice teachers are responsible for the cost of the background check.


  • Application:  Junior / Spring Semester
  • GPA requirements:
    • Cumulative GPA in all courses of 2.75
    • Cumlative GPA in education courses of 3.00
    • Cumlative GPA in major courses of 2.60
      Note: The student with any grade in a cognate course that is below C- will have that grade reviewed and may be required to repeat the course.
  • Positive Background check
  • Satisfactory Recommendations from:
    • Cooperating teachers of field experiences
    • Faculty of student's major
    • Faculty of teacher education
  • Successfully complete the practicum(s)
  • Completed and on file:
    • Personal and Professional Fitness Self-Disclosure Form
      Note: The Nebraska Department of Education (NAC 92, Rule20, 004.06) requires each preservice teacher to affirm that they have not been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor involving abuse, neglect, or sexual misconduct. In addition,NDE NAC 92, Rule 21, 003.10 requires all preservice teachers to affirm under oath they do not have an order of or determination currently in affect by a court or any other governmental body which finds the student to be any of the following: a mentally ill and dangerous person, mentally incompetent to stand trial, acquitted of criminal charges because of insanity, an incapacitated person in need of a guardian, or unable to manage your property due to mental illness, mental deficiency, chronic use of drugs or chronic intoxication.

Admission and Appeals

The student has the right of an appeal to any of the decisions and can request a personal review to seek changes of the decisions.
The procedure is as follows:

  • The student meets for a personal interview with the Dean of College of Education.
  • A date is set for the Teacher Education Committee to meet as a whole for reconsideration.
  • The student has a personal appearance before the Committee, with another faculty member as consul if desired, for the purpose of presenting additional data and answering questions prior to Committee vote.