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Website Request Process

Doane Websites and Web Services:

Doane University maintains many different sites and apps that can be accessed through the web. Below is a list of services Doane maintains and who requests should be directed to.




Our main website with content catering to prospective students and parents. Pages start with

Web Services

Our public but internal-facing website with content catering to current students, faculty and staff, alumni, and others. Pages start with

Web Services

Doane Catalog

Doane’s undergraduate and graduate catalog system. Pages start with

Registrar’s Office

Doane Library Portal

Doane’s online portal for requesting, checking out, and searching for library materials. Pages start with


Doane Athletics

Main website for Doane Athletics. Pages start with


Self Service

Internal Doane service for employees and students. Pages start with

Enterprise Services

Requesting a change to or

Generally, changes to our two main websites follow the steps below:

  1. User submits a ticket through ServiceNow (
  2. Web Services checks with stakeholders for the relevant content
  3. Web Services consults with the user about the proposed changes
  4. Web Services completes the request

Submitting a Ticket

All website change requests should be submitted through ServiceNow (


If something is broken, not working as expected, or if there is incorrect information on a page, submit an incident in ServiceNow. The form for submitting an incident can be found under “Something is Broken” on any page of the ServiceNow service catalog.


If you would like additional content, additional features, or changes to existing content on the website, submit a request in ServiceNow. The form for submitting a request can be found at: → Web and Enterprise Services → Website or Web Form

Once you complete either form, a ticket will be opened in ServiceNow for your request/incident. This will be your main point of contact with Web Services about this issue. You will receive updates on this ticket via email.

Checking with Stakeholders

Below is a list of major sections of our two main sites and stakeholders for each section.



All pages on and any content aimed towards prospective students


Program pages on

CAO and Deans

Doane Application and Contact Us forms

Admissions and Enrollment

Open Learning Academy Microsite (

OLA, Marketing

Office/Service pages (Business Office, Technology Services, etc. on

Relevant Department

Faculty Department pages on

Relevant Faculty

Clubs and Organizations, Current Students (

Residence Life

Alumni pages (

Alumni Office

Staff Directory


When a ticket comes in, Web Services will reach out to the relevant stakeholders to confirm the requested changes. If a ticket comes in from a stakeholder of a given section about that section (i.e. an Alumni Office staff member requests a change to the alumni page), this step will be skipped.

If a stakeholder declines the changes, Web Services will notify the requester via the ServiceNow ticket and close the ticket. If a stakeholder requests more information about the changes, Web Services will coordinate a meeting with the stakeholder and requester.

Consulting with Requester

If the request is complex or requires additional information, the Web Services team will reach out to the requester via the ServiceNow ticket. Web Services strives to contact each requester within two business days. It may take Web Services longer to reach out during especially busy periods (start of semester, during sprints).

Simple questions will be handled via ServiceNow. If the request is complex or time-consuming (i.e. adding an additional section to the website with multiple pages and features), Web Services will set up a meeting with the requester to discuss the changes.

Implementing Changes

Time to completion is correlated to the extent of the changes. Most small content edits (fixing a typo, adding or editing text on a page) can be made within two business days. Requests that involve extensive changes, custom development and/or multiple stakeholders will be estimated at the time of the request. 

Once the request has been completed, Web Services will notify the requester via the ServiceNow ticket and close it.