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Meet the 2021 TOT Crew

Riley Spicer '22
Haley Miller '22
Ben Theiler '23 A headshot of Riley Spicer

Riley Spicer '22

Lincoln, NE
School Activities: I am majoring in Social Science and History, with a secondary teaching endorsement. My involvement at school includes: Delta Kappa Pi (where I'm the President) and the History Society. I used to be a part of ResLife, Doane Leadership Educators, and Football.
Future Plans: I plan on pursuing my Master's in Education in either Educational Leadership or Curriculum & Instruction after graduating from Doane next spring.
Interesting Fact: I am very passionate about media—including stand-up comedy, movies, podasts, and television. I am also a history buff!
Pets: I have a dog named Cooper that is a Red Heeler and French Bulldog mix.
Favorite Snack: A couple come to mind, including frozen grapes covered in sugar-free Kool-Aid mix, Watermelon Sour Patch Kids, and cheese crackers... All of these very dependable and have different strengths!
How I Spend My Free Time: Working out, listening to podcasts, reading, and/or hanging out with friends.
Tiger Tidbit: Doane has been a home away from home and has given me every opportunity that I could ask for! Everyone that I have gotten to know on a personal level has made a massive impact on my life, and I have friends for life. It is a weird place to be because it seems so perfect!

A headshot of Haley Miller

Haley Miller '22

Plattsmouth, NE

School Activities: I am majoring in Biology with minors in Leadership Studies and Sociology.         My involvement at Doane includes: Student Congress (where I'm the President), Gamma Phi Iota (also the President), Track & Field, Alpha Lambda Delta, Omicron Delta Kappa, Cardinal Key, Doane Ambassadors, and I'm also a Directions mentor.
Future Plans: I want to become a forensics scientist, so I will be looking for a lab to work in after graduating from Doane next spring.
Interesting Fact: I grew up in Louisiana and used to be a competitive gymnast!
Pets: I have a cat named Mama Odie.
Favorite Snack: Sour Patch Kids! I always bring them to track meets for a little sugar rush before I compete.
How I Spend My Free Time: Hang out with my roommates and watch movies!  
Tiger Tidbit: I love Doane because it's the most supportive community I've ever been a part of. Everyone here is so accepting and always looks out for each other. There are also so many unique opportunities Doane offers!

A headshot of Ben Theiler

Ben Theiler

Omaha, NE

School Activities: I am majoring in Elementary Education with an edorsement in English as a Second Language. My involvement at school includes: Alpha Pi Epsilon, Doane Ambassadors, and the Theatre Department.
Future Plans: I am planning on teaching—hopefully third graders!
Interesting Fact:   I have been to the ER five times for just me.
Pets: I have a Labradoodle named Roz.
Favorite Snack: Sour Patch Kids... They're addicting!                                                 
How I Spend My Free Time: Watch Netflix or hang out with friends. Sometimes both, of course.
Tiger Tidbit: I chose Doane because of its Education Department!