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Homecoming Registration Confirmation

Thank you for registering for Homecoming 2022!

Below are the payment options for events with costs associated with them.

If you registered for multiple events below, please begin by adding one event to your PayPal cart. It will open a new tab/window. This tab/window will also remain open, so if you need to add another event please come back to this page and add the new event, which will automatically add to your PayPal cart which was opened on a new page and refreshed. Repeat that process for each event you need to pay for.

Capital Chapter Golf Tournament ($70/person) -

50th Reunion Social Hour ($10/person) -

50th/60th Reunion Brunch ($10/person) -

Saturday Alumni Dinners ($12/person) -

Alumni Awards Banquet ($15/person) -

If you registered for multiple people for a single event, you can manually adjust the quantity directly in your PayPal cart.

Once your cart matches the number of events and people per event for which you registered, you can submit your PayPal payment.

If you’d rather pay over the phone, please call Nina at 402.826.8236 or Mike at 402.826.8296 and they can process a card payment for you.