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Russ Souchek

Russ Souchek


Phone Number: 402.826.8238
Department: Nat Resrcs & Environmental Sci
Office: LI116
Email: [email protected]
Primary Campus: Crete
Credentials: BA, MS, PHD


B.A., Doane University
M.S., M.S., Ph.D., Texas A&M University

Further Study: University of Denver, 

Environmental Policy and Management.

Areas of Interest:

  • Physical/chemical characteristics of surface waters.
  • Water quality - Investigations of nitrate levels in groundwater.
  • Ecology - Investigations of types and populations of insects and other animals present in local ecosystems.
  • Animal Behavior - aggression, habitat preference, and territoriality.

Courses Taught:

Environmental Science, Environmental Geology, Environmental Science Research I, II, and III, Introduction to Geographic Information Systems, Environmental Policy and Sustainability, and Earth, Climate, and Energy.

Description of Research Interests: 

My research interests focus on environmental science, applied ecology, and animal behavior.

In the area of water quality, investigations are being conducted to test nitrate levels in residential well water. High nitrate levels are of concern because of problems associated with the absorption of oxygen by the blood in infants, birth defects, and may also be a cancer risk. In addition, investigations include changes in physical and chemical characteristics of area surface waters.

Regarding cichlid fish, work primarily revolves around the readily available convict cichlids. These are common aquarium fish and display many aggressive, territorial, and reproductive behaviors. Behavioral studies of marine and freshwater invertebrates is also taking place.

Learn more about opportunities at the Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences Department website.


  • Past-President - Nebraska Wildlife Federation and Nebraska Academy of Sciences.
  • Commissioner - Seward, Nebraska, City of Seward Planning Commission.


  • Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences
  • Society of Sigma Xi
  • Society for Conservation GIS

Honor Society Memberships

  • Kappa Delta Pi - International Honor Society in Education
  • Phi Delta Kappa- Professional Association in Education
  • Phi Sigma - Biological Sciences Honor Society
  • Sigma Xi - Scientific Research Honor Society
  • Tri Beta - National Biological Honor Society