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Jeanne Vrbka

Jeanne Vrbka

Assistant Professor of Practice

Phone Number: 402.467.9012
Department: Accounting
Office: FBC203-7
Email: [email protected]
Primary Campus: Lincoln

Jeanne Vrbka is Assistant Professor of Practice in the College of Business. She is the Co-chair for the Accounting Department.  Jeanne joined Doane University in 2023 and primarily teaches classes for the Accounting programs. She earned an MBA (1995) from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Jeanne was a Nebraska Board State Certified Public Accountant (1988) and has a certification from the Nebraska State Government Leadership Program. In her extensive career, Jeanne worked as Revenue Tax Specialist Senior at the Nebraska Department of Revenue, Systems Auditor and Accountant I at the Nebraska Lottery Division, and Accountant III at the Nebraska Department of Agriculture.

M.B.A., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1995
B.S.B.A., University of Nebraska-Omaha
Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Financial Accounting (ACC 103)
Managerial Accounting (ACC 104)
Intermediate Accounting I (ACC 231)
Intermediate Accounting II (ACC 232)

Professional Experience
Nebraska Department of revenue Tax Specialist 1988-1998, 2017-2019
Nebraska Department of Agriculture Accountant III 2015-2017

Teaching Experience
Doane University 2023-Present
Southeast Community College 2002-2014

How did you become interested in teaching?
I have been interested in teaching from a young age when my siblings, friends and I played “school” and being the teacher’s assistant at Sunday school. I had amazing teachers throughout my education that challenged and inspired me to achieve my goals. Having an education has opened up so many wonderful opportunities for me – I want the same for others. As a teacher, I hope to help others reach their goals.

What is one of your favorite quotes?
One of my favorite quotes is “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” With drive and perseverance, we can reach our goals. But what is the point of reaching our goals if we don’t do it with kindness? I find this quote inspirational, as well as a reminder of what is important.

What advice do you have for students?
The advice I have for students is to focus on your goals and persevere. Remember your goals when making decisions. Seek help when needed – reach out to your friends, family, professors and advisors for support and guidance. There’s more than one way to reach your goals – if there is an obstacle on the path, choose another path.