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Ather Mahmood

Ather Mahmood

Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics and Engineering

Phone Number: 402.826.8684
Department: Engineering and Physics
Office: LI235
Email: [email protected]
Primary Campus: Crete


Areas of Expertise

  • Thin film hybrid magnetic nano-structure growth
  • Clean room based nano and micro-device fabrication
  • Electrical measurements at cryogenic temperatures: Transistor characterization, Hall Effect measurement, magnetoresistive measurements etc.
  • Electronic structure characterization of two-dimensional materials
  • Scanning probe microcopy in ambient and Ultra-High Vacuum environments

About Dr. Mahmood

Dr. Mahmood joined the department of Physics and Engineering in August 2021. He has extensive experience in teaching and research at various institutions in the US and abroad. Prior to joining Doane, he was a senior research associate at University of Nebraska Lincoln. After joining Doane, he has been actively involved in teaching activities for introductory and upper level classes.  Some of the courses he taught are listed below:

  • Introductory Physics I and II
  • General Physics I and II
  • Engineering measurements and experimentation
  • Advanced electronics

Selected Publications

  • Side-gated transport in FIB-fabricated multilayered graphene nanoribbons.  J.-F.Dayen, A. Mahmood, D. S.Golubev, I. Roch-Jeune,   P. Salles and E. Dujardin, Small, Vol. 4, 6 716 (2008)
  • Quasiparticle scattering off phase boundaries in epitaxial graphene.  A. Mahmood, P. Mallet, J-Y. Veuillen, Nanotechnology 23 055706 (2012)
  • Epitaxial graphene morphologies probed by weak (anti)-localization.  A. Mahmood, C. Naud, C. Bouvier, F. Hiebel, P. Mallet, J-Y. Veuillen, D. Chaussende, T. Ouisse, L. Levy, J. Appl. Phys 113, 083715 (2013)
  • Seeding Molecular Rotators on a Passivated Silicon Surface. O. Guillermet, A. Mahmood, J. Yang, J. Echeverria, J. Jeannoutot, S. Gauthier, C.  Joachim, F. Cherioux, and F. Palmino. ChemPhysChem (2014), 15, 271 – 275
  • Scalable patterning of CVD graphene compatible with organic materials: magneto-transport fingerprint of high-quality devices. A. Mahmood, C-S. Yang, J.-F. Dayen, S. Park, M. Kamalakar, D. Metten, S. Berciaud, J-O. Lee and B. Doudin. CARBON 86 (2015) 256–263
  • Dielectric properties of thin Cr2O3 films grown on elemental and oxide metallic substrates. A. Mahmood, M. Street, W. Echtenkamp, C.-P. Kwan, J. P. Bird, and Ch. Binek, Phys. Rev. Materials 2, 044401 (2018)
  • Voltage controlled magnetism in Cr2O3 based all-thin-film systems. JL Wang, W Echtenkamp, A Mahmood, C Binek Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 486, 165262 (2019)
  • Tuning graphene transistors through ad hoc electrostatics induced by a nanometer-thick molecular underlayer. A. Mahmood, C-S. Y. S. Jang, L. Routaboul, H. Chang, A. Ghisolfi, P. Braunstein, L. Bernard, T. Verduci, J.-F. Dayen, P. Samorì, J-O. Lee, B. Doudin. DOI: 10.1039/C9NR06407A (Communication) Nanoscale, 11, 19705-19712 (2019)
  • Voltage controlled Néel vector rotation in zero magnetic field. A. Mahmood W. Echtenkamp, M. Street, J-L. Wang, S. Cao, T. Komesu, P. A. Dowben, P.Buragohain, H. Lu, A. Gruverman, A. Parthasarathy, S. Rakheja, C. Binek. Nat Commun 12, 1674 (2021).