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Allysa Swiec

Allysa Swiec

Career Specialist and Academic Advisor

Phone Number: 402.466.4774
Department: Career, Leadership & Service
Email: [email protected]
Primary Campus: Lincoln
Credentials: BA, MED

Originally from Colorado, Allysa is a two-time alum of Doane University. After receiving her Bachelors in English in 2014 she went on to get her teaching license from the Doane Fast Track program in 2016 and then her Masters in Curriculum and Instruction in 2020. She has worked with Doane since 2017, beginning as a tutor in the Academic Support Center on our Lincoln campus serving all non-residential students. She now works in a split position where she supports students in career development as well as advising the College of Business Graduate students and future Fast Track students. She and her husband Zach, also a Doane alum and employee, love spending time with their daughter and 2 cats. To make an appointment with Allysa please email at [email protected].

Strengths:  Context, Learner, Input, Intellection, Adaptability