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KDNE Radio

91.9 KDNE Crete Radio, is a 200-watt FCC licensed over-the-air radio station operating in stereo at 91.9 FM, serving Doane College and the Crete area to a radius of about 10 miles. The station is student managed and operated, with an overall Adult Alternative Album format, and an eclectic mix of music during evenings when each program is determined by the student air personality. On-air positions include disc jockey, talk show host, news reporter/anchor, and sports play-by-play and color announcer. We have a few paid student work positions as well as internship opportunities! If you just want to do a radio show? We can get that set up as well!

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Interested in letting your voice be heard or have questions?

Let us know! Contact:

Zach Swiec
Station Staff Adviser

Trey Porter '23
General Manager

Alias Schumacher
Music Manager

Public Inspection File

Our public inspection file can be found here.