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Congratulations on your decision to apply to Doane University, one of the best colleges in the midwest.

To proceed, choose one of the following.

Apply for the Dual-Credit Program if you are a current high school student wanting to enroll in college level courses before you graduate high school.

Apply for an Undergraduate Program if you are looking for a traditional, residential college experience, are looking to complete an undergraduate degree, or are transferring from another college where you were working on an undergraduate degree.

Apply for a Masters or Doctorate Program if you have completed an undergraduate degree and are looking to obtain a post-graduate degree or certification.

Select the Open Learning Academy if you are looking to take individual online courses to complete prerequisites to apply for health-related graduate and medical programs, complete courses to graduate at another institution, or obtain continuing education credits.

Both Doane University's Online Learning Academy and DoaneX do not require you to fill out this application.

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