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About Us

Known for its leadership in higher education, Doane University is committed to academic excellence, innovation, and offers each person in its community a unique sense of belonging. These values have kept Doane successful for 149 years and will allow the institution to continue to build as we move forward in the future.

Here at Doane, we stress the importance of being a university that produces strong leaders with a thorough, liberal arts education in preparation to meet career and professional goals.

We strive to provide graduates with the academic programs and skills they need to achieve satisfying and profitable jobs. Through Doane's offering of the distinctive Zenon C.R. Hansen Leadership Program, students prepare for a future full of independent thought and upwards growth through the building of self-confidence.

By extending our borders, from multiple campuses in Nebraska, study abroad programs, exchange students, and online opportunities, our mentality of Internationalism and Multiculturalism enhances our students' education opportunities and experiences. Learning continues off-campus and out of the classroom through internships, work opportunities, and public events.

We realize innovation in higher education grows via technology; that's why we have talented and smart faculty and staff that care about our students. As we look toward the future, we will be working towards our common goals as One Doane.

Doane is establishing itself as a new kind of comprehensive university, with a commitment to extensive growth and finding new ways to deliver knowledge to those who seek it. Through partnerships with other colleges, universities, and companies we are embracing innovation and responding quickly to opportunities.

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Our Mission

Doane University's mission is to create distinctive educational experiences, rooted in the liberal arts, to prepare our students for careers and lives grounded in inquiry, ethics, and a commitment to lead and serve in the global community.

Our Values

Inclusion: Doane values creating an environment in which all individuals and communities are able to fully participate, belong, and thrive in authentic ways. 

Integrity: Doane values ethical and principled decision-making and taking responsibility for one's actions. 

Innovation: Doane values forward thinking and the ability to develop and implement new or re-imagined ideas in a collaborative environment. 

Transformation: Doane values enhancing lives and developing potential.


Doane values the participation of undergraduate and graduate students in its institution-wide program to assess student achievement. This program is part of the institution's responsibility to monitor student outcomes and assure the continuing quality of a Doane degree. Multiple strategies are used to gather information about student achievement throughout the college experience. Information collected as a part of the assessment program is used for assessment purposes only and is not used to evaluate individual performance. The college protects the confidentiality of data collected.