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Korean War Veterans Association Scholarship




This Scholarship program consists of multiple $1000 non-renew-able scholarships. One will be$1500 honoring  Col. William Weber. The funds may be used for any term during the next
academic school year following receipt of the scholarship. Although this scholarship is not renewable, the applicants may reapply for the scholarship in subsequent years.


•    Must be a citizen of the United States.
•    First Year Student applicants must have a Letter of Acceptance as a full-time student from their university or college.
•    Must be pursuimg an Associate, Bachelor, or Advanced Degree in any discipline.
•    Must have a minimum 3.5 or 4.0 scale GPA stated on application.

Scholarship Process

More information can be found at… (Link to PDF).

All scholarship applications and requested materials must be submitted via US Postal Service and Received by June 10, 2023.