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Michael Kline

Michael Kline

Assistant to the Dean - College of Business

Phone Number: 402.466.4774
Department: Business Administration
Campus: LINC


Mr. Michael Kline is assistant to the Dean of the College of Business. He started working at Doane University in 2022. Mr. Kline has years of experience working with students, and just prior to joining Doane, he was a student success coordinator and life coach. In that role, he worked primarily with identifying at-risk students to assist, coach, and advise to have a successful college experience. In addition, he trained all faculty on developing and managing courses on Canvas. He also created the degree navigator database as well as hired, supervised, trained, and managed student tutors and supplemental leaders.


M.S. (Leadership Development), Drake University, 2019

B.S. (Marketing), Iowa State University, 2017

Professional Experience

Doane University, 2022-Present

Union College, 2021-2022

Drake University, 2017-2021

Iowa State University, 2016-2017

Professional Highlights (select)

Getting To Know Them (Q/A)

What advice do you have for students to be successful in their coursework?

Defining what success looks like to you personally at an early stage will help you keep on track. Getting to know your professors will also be instrumental in your success. Your professors are human and want to know you and your goals.

What is your career advice to us? How can we have successful careers?

Do not be afraid of change! Change is going to happen even if you resist it; instead, embrace the changes. Explore new ideas, technology, and avenues for success. Be sure to always balance your life goals and career goals; these should be separate but supportive of each other.

3. What is your favorite quote and why?

My fake plants died, because I did not pretend to water them. This quote is by Mitch Hedberg. I like this quote because it is humorous with a true undertone. We spend so much of our life and time on things that aren't really meaningful. We pretend we have happiness to those around us so that they may believe we are something that we truly are not. So just make sure you are watering your real plants.